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of Euro3000 in Spain, Belgium, Portugal, France, Italy or Poland


If you are a strong, ambitious entrepreneur with a head for business and a passion for selling private real estate then this is your chance to be part of Team Euro3000. As a licensee of Euro3000 you are an entrepreneur and you will be fully supported by the Euro3000 organisation.

From your own location you can start your own business in your own country without large investments and risks. The security and expertise of the Euro3000 family is at your disposal and will support you both commercially and financially.

The idea behind the Euro3000 formula is clear, unique and already a success.

In a web-based society, the role of a traditional real estate agent is soon to be finished. This is our starting point where we have no expensive office locations, no sales agents with high salaries, expensive cars and fancy phones but an ideal and cost-effective collaboration between Euro3000 and the property seller.

What does

Euro3000 do?

Euro3000 fully supports its clients in the sale of private properties, and we do this together with our clients. Various market research has shown that 83% of prospective home buyers would rather buy from the owner than a sales broker. After all the seller knows their home and neighbourhood the best. The client takes care of the viewings, the property pictures and negotiations and Euro3000 generates potential buyers. For these reasons the service Euro3000 provides can save thousands to tens of thousands of euros and therefore we are cheaper than the traditional house brokers.

What offers Euro3000


Euro3000 offers licensees participating in a unique and proven business model:

  • Proven and successful business model
  • Protected sales areas
  • Clear protected regions and limited investment
  • Limited target requirement
  • Complete entrepreneurial liberty
  • No experience in the real estate industry or specific education necessary. Traning provided by Euro3000
  • Clear and long term licensing agreements


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Euro3000 The Netherlands (Head Office)
Kerkstraat nr. 327 II
1017 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Euro3000 Spain (Service Center)
Av. Juan Carlos I nr. 18, planta 4 – puerta 13
03730 Javea (Alicante)

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