How does it work

How does it work


your house together

The full sales and marketing is handled by us. Only the viewings and negotiations are handled by the seller. The potential buyer can contact you directly, as we will use your contact details on all the marketing exposure. Various industry studies have shown that 83% of prospective buyers prefer to be guided by you than a sales agent, after all you know your home and neighbourhood the best. It was also found that 79% of potential home buyers prefer viewings in the evening or at weekends often times when the traditional real estate are not available for you.

Our unique


Our services are, above all, clear and successful. We provide the potential buyers and you take care of the viewings and negotiations. After all, you know best about your home, neighbourhood and financial situation.

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come with us to sell your house?

It has been clear for a long time that the role played by the traditional agents no longer fits with our Internet-based society. In the past the traditional real estate agents have made thousands of Euros at your expense. To put this to an end, is the reason that we founded Euro3000. We love to compete with the oldfashioned agents at a fraction of the usual agency fee by selling your home together with us.


does it cost?

Our Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Extra packages are clear and uncluttered. While traditional Spanish real estate agents charge you 5% or even more ! We will sell your home together for a flat rate. This can give you savings of thousands of euros. For more information about our different services click here.

4 easy steps

to sell your property.

Selling your house is simple using Euro3000. In four simple steps, we can get started.

  • You fill in the order form on this website. Click here
  • You will receive the confirmation of your order and the invoice from us direct into your mailbox.
  • You need to upload between 6 to 10 photos of your property to our website.
  • Following receipt of your payment and within 7 working days we start selling your property.


Euro3000 The Netherlands (Head Office)
Kerkstraat nr. 327 II
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The Netherlands


Euro3000 Spain (Service Center)
Av. Juan Carlos I nr. 18, planta 4 – puerta 13
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